3 ways nonprofits can get free local publicity

Securing local news coverage is a great way for nonprofits to increase awareness about their organization and mission. It can also connect them with the individuals they serve, as well as donors who can offer financial support.

Unfortunately, small budgets can often keep nonprofits from leveraging the power of public relations. However, with a little know-how and a bit of resolve, even organizations with little or no budget can make their way into the local news.

Below are three ways nonprofits can secure local news coverage for FREE. 

1. Invite the media to attend your event

Hosting a fundraiser or special event? Inviting the media to attend is a great way to secure news coverage and highlight your cause in the local community. While not every invitation will result in a feature story, this outreach will put your organization on the news outlet’s radar and may help secure future coverage.

2. Send photos to the local newspaper

Many local newspapers have a section for community news where readers can send in photos with captions from around the community. This is a great place for non-profits to share pictures from recent events such as fundraisers, outreach events, and volunteer days.

3.    Submit personnel announcements

Did you recently hire a new staff member or appoint a local leader to your board? There are a number of media outlets that publish this type of information, including the local newspaper and business journal. A quick scan of these publications will help you determine when these run and what information you will need to submit.

These opportunities, while small, can get nonprofits in front of thousands of community residents without the steep investment in local advertising. It’s a small time investment for a big reward. Not sure where to start? Many public relations agencies and independent practitioners offer discounted rates to nonprofit organizations.

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