Dentist grows practice with blog


Larry Saylor, DMD, MAGD, has been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry in Brandon, Fla. since 1994. New to the blogging world, he hired me to write his blog in 2012 and create a resource that would educate individuals about their dental health. Topics range from the difference between crowns and veneers to understanding dental insurance and fee-for-service dentistry. 

When I started by blog, my goal was to increase organic search rankings and create a resource for patients to educate them about their dental health. Kasey has helped me to achieve both. She’s able to take tough topics and distill them in a way that is easily understood by my patient base, while our website has jumped up to the first page on Google. Because of this, our practice has grown and I’m seeing more patients who are educated about their options before they enter the practice.
— Larry Saylor, DMD, MAGD

Today, these blogs are also shared on his Facebook and Instagram, which has grown quite a following and even attracted new patients. An added bonus - the blogs serve as a valuable resource during conversations in the office. Dr. Saylor is able to point patients to the blog, where they can read more about their treatment options and feel confident in the decisions that they are making.