Communicate clearly and connect with their target audiences better.


create compelling content



Is your content achieving the desired result?

If the answer to that question is no, you may be in need of a professional copywriter.

While your product or service might be the best in the industry, if your content is unclear, it won’t result in sales. The same holds true of all communication – unclear content does not yield results.

Hiring a professional copywriter will help ensure that you and your organization are distributing compelling content that communicates your messages, connects you with your audiences and helps you achieve your goals.



Blanket statements and clichés will not grab the attention of your audience. What they want, and what you need, is content that speaks to their unique challenges, opportunities and needs. A professional copywriter will ensure that content is crafted with your unique audience in mind, thus increasing engagement and improving the effectiveness of your written materials. 

improve results

All content has a goal – buy our product, hire our team, donate to our cause. However, ineffective content will not lead to conversions. What you need is a professional copywriter that is trained to write persuasive content that speaks directly to your audience and motivates them to action. Doing so will improve conversion rates and help you achieve your goals. 



Why work with me?

I began my career as a copywriter and have more than ten years of experience writing persuasive content for marketing and public relations clients. During this time, I’ve written copy for countless projects, ranging from 100-page annual reports to 30-second video scripts.

Whether you need help refining your existing content or you’re starting with a blank slate – I can help.


Services Include 

  • Websites

  • Brochures

  • Case Studies

  • White papers

  • Video Scripts

  • And more…

"Kasey has an incredible gift of taking the ideas you have and translating them into clear communications that get the attention of your audience. With her expertise, we were able identify our target audiences and key messages and create content that spoke directly to our donors, volunteers and potential foster parents."

       — Amy Davis, Founder & Executive director, behomebase


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